Goblins are a species in Natural Doctrine. They are among the first enemies encountered in game.

Goblins are small, green creatures that wear a loincloth around their waist. Like humans, they are capable of creating various tools and weapons, including stone golems, and some can even preform some magic. Compared to others, however, their weapons and magic are generally inferior to their Feste counterparts, forcing goblins to instead rely on their shear numbers, overwhelming opponents with their numbers.

While they do have some sort of culture, not much is known about it, as they attack any humans on sight. Typically, Goblins make their homes within their mines, though some have been known to inhabit other areas as well. Goblins are also immune to the toxic effects of unrefined Pluton, allowing them to harvest it without harm. They have been also known to refine this Pluton into its usable form, which is a prime target of Bergmen looking to gain citizenship in Feste.

In single player, the greatest strength of Goblins are their numbers; overwhelming players without giving them any chance to counter. The only way to stop this is to strategically killing off the goblins using link turns; thinning out their hoards while not positioning yourself in a position they can attack easily.

In multiplayer, Goblins are still relatively weak units; every similar unit of the other races can easily beat their Goblin counterparts. Goblins units, however, all carry Pluton, making them part of the few non-miner units that carry Pluton without the ability to use it. This allows the smart player to bring additional Pluton without having to remove a specific role for that formation, at the cost of having a weaker unit.